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29 July
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Welcome to the Journal of Ms. Advice. Have a problem? Ms. Advice can help! You only need to mail her at:


With a brief synopsis of your situation, and your question.

Ms. Advice will randomly choose questions to answer from a hat. This hat's dimensions are not important, but actually, it is a really -pretty- hat. It has little purple sequins on it, and if you saw it, you'd say "MY. WHAT AN EYE-CATCHING HAT!"

Ms. Advice is a licensed Internet Adviceologist. Everything she says is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Ms. Advice learned the Secrets of Life from a tribe of Antarctic Pigmies. Ms. Advice has been everywhere, done everything, seen everyone. And yet, Ms. Advice remains quite poor because she gives all of her time, money, and energy to YOU.
(And to the machine that gives soda.)

Getting a reply from Ms. Advice can be considered equivalent to getting a reply from the Pope! It is a blessing and could possibly cure diseases if printed out, rolled up, and taken internally.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ms. Advice!

Email addresses will not be posted with questions.

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